The Benefits Of Transmission Services Before Summer

March 30, 2023

The Benefits Of Transmission Services Before Summer

If you don’t regularly have your transmission serviced, problems with it can start to build up over time. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements down the road. Getting your transmission services before summer can be a great way to protect your car.

Tire Pressure

Another factor that affects a car’s performance is tire pressure. When the temperature outside increases, the air molecules inside your tires expand. For every 10 degrees Fahrenheit increase, the pressure climbs by one pound per square inch (PSI). Keeping your tires at the recommended tire pressure will improve your fuel economy, handling and safety, and responsive braking. In addition, a properly inflated tire will also give you a smoother ride.


Tire blowouts are a scary and dangerous experience for drivers. They cause thousands of collisions each year, and can be fatal if not treated properly. Blowouts occur when the air pressure inside a tire reaches an unsafe level and the rubber deteriorates due to heat. They are also caused by other factors, including poor vehicle maintenance, impact damage, big cuts that lead to rapid air loss, and overloading. Drivers can avoid blowouts by keeping a close eye on the pressure and tread of their tires. They should check the pressure each time they fill up with gas and inspect the tire for signs of uneven wear or small punctures. If a blowout occurs, the best thing to do is keep calm and continue to drive. If the car begins to pull to one side, gently press on the accelerator and steer in the opposite direction. This will help to slow the car and allow you to gain control of the car again.

Getting Your Car Serviced

When you’re planning a summer road trip, it’s always a good idea to get your car serviced before you leave. A few simple maintenance tasks can ensure that you and your family can enjoy your vacation without experiencing any problems on the road. One of the most important things you can do to prepare your car for the summer is check and replace your oil. This is something that you should do at least every 3,000 miles. It’s also a good idea to flush your radiator and add fresh coolant before the summer starts. Flushing the radiator can help clean away debris and protect your engine from corrosion. Another essential part of car maintenance is changing your vehicle’s air filter. This will help keep your car running smoothly and efficiently while protecting your engine from dirt, dust, leaves, and critters.

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