What Does It Mean to Flush a Radiator?

January 30, 2021

Your car’s internal components need a lot of care and maintenance, including the radiator—but do you understand what that entails? Many car owners only have an abstract idea of what radiators do and what a radiator flush in Hanford, CA involves. Read on to learn what radiator flushes are and why they’re so important to your car’s functionality.

What is a radiator flush?

Your radiator’s main purpose is to keep the engine cool. It accomplishes this by sending radiator fluid through a system of pipes. The fluid absorbs the engine’s heat, which is sent to disperse outside.

Over time, your radiator collects dirt, debris and other contaminants. When that happens, it’s harder for the radiator coolant to travel through the machinery and cool your engine efficiently. If you fail to flush the system, it could lead to engine overheating or fail to prevent freeze-ups in the wintertime. This can crack your engine head or block, which is an incredibly expensive repair.

A radiator flush involves a few tasks. First, your mechanic will let the engine cool, and clean the radiator fins of grime and debris. If they notice any issues with the radiator itself, they’ll fix the problem (or call to let you know it needs additional service). Next, they’ll inspect the hoses to ensure there are no cracks or blockages. Then they’ll drain the radiator of all the fluid.

Once the old fluid is gone, your mechanic in Hanford, CA will run a mixture of water, detergent and radiator coolant through the system to flush it. Finally, once it’s clean, they’ll drain the old fluid and replace it with fresh radiator fluid.

Why and when do I need to flush my radiator?

Consult your owner’s manual to find out how often they recommend you flush the radiator. Usually, that’s all you’ll need to do, unless you notice signs you need to flush your radiator in Hanford, CA. For example, any time you see debris, rust or corrosion on the radiator, it needs to be taken to the mechanic right away.

Your radiator flush accomplishes a few important objectives. First, it flushes the fluid of any contaminants, so your radiator and engine will operate properly. It also lubricates the water pump, which prolongs its lifespan. The radiator coolant, which is a mixture of antifreeze and water, has additives that prevent foam and rust buildup, which prolongs the radiator’s lifespan. Finally, it’s an opportunity to test and inspect the system. Your mechanic will take the opportunity to perform pressure tests, which indicate whether there are any leaks in the radiator.

As you can see, radiator flushes are extremely important for your engine’s health and performance. If you need help flushing your radiator and replacing your radiator coolant in Hanford, CA, AAA Sandoval Transmissions is ready to assist you. We’re a full-service auto repair shop, and can help with everything from basic preventative maintenance to both major and minor repairs. Get in touch with us today to learn more or book an appointment.

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