November 14, 2019

"Let me start by just say how amazing and respectful Mike at the front desk is. He immediately notified me with any complications that they came across while fixing my truck. I need a whole list of things done and they were able to start working on my truck in a very timely matter. I dropped off my truck on the 8the of november and it was ready to be picked up by the 13th. Extremely fast service for them not knowing what my issue was and being able to troubleshoot it and get it back on the road was awesome. I highly recommend AAA for any transmission needs and I am most definitly going to be coming back for any additional repairs I need down the road."
June 28, 2019

Friendly and easy to talk to

"They've done prior transmission work, so went back for repair on my car. They quoted a price and repair cost fell within the quote. Also finished ahead of schedule. Friendly and easy to talk to. Have a 1 year warranty on the work."
July 26, 2018

Very Quick and Honest!

"This is my second time bringing my car in to this shop. Very quick service and honest. Being female I've been taken advantage of in the past due to my unfamiliarity with cars, engines etc. Their prices are reasonable and and I've been very happy all around. They will continue to get my business."
February 16, 2018

Courteous People!

"Courteous people, and they won't try and take advantage of you."
October 16, 2017

Very Reasonably Priced!

"What a great place! I was referred by a friend in town who said they were reliable and I was very happy with their service. I was looking for a mechanic because I was having some trouble with my car not shifting, but I took my car in to these guys and they were super quick and very reasonably priced."