7 Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Value

November 25, 2022

Doing everything you can to maintain your car’s value is an excellent strategy if you intend to resell your vehicle sometime soon. These are seven tips for maintaining your cars value so that you can get the highest return out of it at a later date.  

1. Get a Good Model

The most effective way to maintain your car’s value is to pick a good one in the first place. Do research and buy a car that’s good at retaining its value. Think about your favorite manufacturer and then look for vehicles by that company that seem to hold up well. 

2. Keep Up With Maintenance and Repairs

Make sure you keep up with the car’s maintenance schedule. You’ll need to do the oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, and so forth at the intervals your manual discusses. If you keep up with those few maintenance tasks, you can give your vehicle a much longer life than you think. 

3. Choose to Drive Less

You can also retain some of your vehicle’s value by consciously driving less than usual. For example, you can choose to walk or bike to the store when appropriate. Maybe you can also take advantage of the public transportation system from time to time. As long as you keep your car under 100,000 miles, it will have a reasonably high value. Vehicle value starts to decline drastically once it reaches the 100,000-mile point. 

4. Don’t Smoke Inside

Avoid smoking cigarettes inside the cabin because the smoke can embed itself into the seat and carpets, leaving an unpleasant smell. That unpleasant smell can make it very difficult for you to be able to sell the vehicle in the future.

You’ll also need to avoid eating and drinking in the car as much as you can. The less you partake in those types of activities, the less likely it will be that you will get a stubborn stain on an essential part of the car.  

5. Get Regular Cleanings

Washing your car inside and out can keep it beautiful and visually pleasing to the next person. Therefore, you should take it for regular car washes and detailed cleanings. 

6. Park in a Garage

Parking your car in the garage instead of out on the street is another great way to contribute to keeping its value. Parking it in a safe shelter will decrease the chances of it being vandalized or damaged by natural disasters and such.  

7. Baby It a Little

It’s also a good idea to baby your car as much as possible. Babying it means avoiding punching the gas pedal more than necessary and ensuring you don’t ride the brakes. Little protective efforts can mean a lot in the end when you want to sell your car.  

Those are some of the most effective ways to maintain the value of your car. Follow those tips, and you’ll be pleased about how much pure cash you can get for your vehicle when you’re ready to move on from it.  

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