6 Signs Your Vehicles Transmission Is Failing

September 28, 2022

Your transmission is an integral part of the engine system of your car. Without it, your car is not going to run. When your vehicle’s transmission starts to go out, there are some signs you can look for that will help you know when to get your car into the shop pronto.

Transmission Issues

The first and most obvious sign that your transmission is going out or has already gone out is that your car won’t shift gears. The transmission helps the car shift gears so that it can go up and down hills faster or slower, depending on what you are demanding. If the car won’t shift gears, odds are your transmission is on the way out.

Another sign your transmission needs help is a burning smell. This may indicate that transmission fluid is burning and a transmission leak. You might also notice your car making funny noises, even when in neutral. This is a sign that the transmission may need new fluid. If your car slips gears or slips out of gear, you may be dealing with a transmission issue. Another thing to look out for is leaking fluid. If you notice any fluid on the driveway after you have parked your car, you need to get it checked out quickly.

The last issue you can look for is grinding and shaking. If you notice that your car is making strange noises or that there is a grinding or shaking when driving, your transmission may be struggling.

These are just a few transmission issues to look for. You may also see your check engine light is on or that your car is making strange sounds. If you suspect anything is wrong with your transmission, it is always best to get it checked out quickly.

What To Do About a Bad Transmission?

If you suspect your transmission has gone bad, you should get your car to the shop and check it out immediately. Driving around with a transmission that is not bad yet or just going out can cause it to become damaged irreparably and end in needing a total transmission replacement.

If you suspect that you are having transmission issues, you do need to get it fixed at a professional shop. You can get your transmission fluid changed, get your seals checked, and even get the gears checked to ensure that it is working properly and that there will be no further issues. Your transmission is essential for the function of your vehicle. Keep it running smoothly if you want to avoid major mechanical issues.

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