Five Signs Your Car’s AC Needs Repairs

May 24, 2021

As summer approaches, one thing no driver can do without is a working AC system. Cars of all ages and makes are prone to air conditioning problems, but recognizing the signs of car AC repair can help you prevent an issue from turning into a larger one. Get your car ready for a warm summer in Hanford, CA by checking for these common signs that point to the need for car AC repair.

System doesn’t turn on

One of the most obvious ways to determine whether your car needs AC repair is by turning it on. If you’ve cranked the dial to full blast and get nothing, there can be a few underlying causes for the problem. You might be dealing with a blown fuse, a failed blower motor or resistor or a blocked air intake. Take your car to a trusted mechanic to diagnose the issue and get it repaired before the weather in Hanford, CA gets too hot.

Unexpected noises

Whenever you’re driving your car, hearing strange, unexpected noises is always cause for concern. If you’re hearing a rattling, banging or humming sound while your air conditioner is on, turn it off to see if the noise continues. If it does, the cause could be something as simple as an obstruction like leaves or other debris in the system. More complex causes include a worn bearing, failed compressor clutch or even a major component failure.

Humid air

Noticing overly humid air coming from the vents in your car? This could be caused by a number of problems, including low refrigerant or obstructions in the condenser or pressure systems. Instead of waiting for the issue to go away, head to your mechanic to solve it and enjoy cooler air with much less humidity.

Fluid leaks

A car’s air conditioning system relies on certain fluids in order to function, namely coolant, refrigerant and compressor oil. If any of these fluids are leaking, even a little bit, it can have a big impact on the performance of the system, and it can turn into larger and more expensive problems down the road. It can be hard to spot a leak, so be sure to ask your trusted auto repair technician to do a comprehensive check for leaks if you suspect something might be wrong.

Water spots

If your air conditioning system is working normally, water draining from the bottom of your vehicle is perfectly normal. If you’re noticing water spots inside your vehicle, however, it’s a major cause for concern. It’s possible the drain in your car is clogged or damaged, causing the water to back up into the car. Take your vehicle to a mechanic right away to get the issue handled to avoid more costly repairs.

Recognizing the signs of a need for car AC repair can help you keep a small problem from turning into a major one, not to mention it keeps you comfortable during the hot days of summer in Hanford, CA. Call AAA Sandoval Transmission today to learn more about recognizing the signs of repairs for your vehicle.

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