Five Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioner Needs Repair

July 10, 2020

It gets hot in Hanford over the summer, so unless you love driving around in a sweltering heat trap, staying on top of your air conditioner’s repair and maintenance needs is important. Nothing ruins a fun drive (or makes a necessary one worse) than a stuffy car, a burning-hot steering wheel and lots of sweating.

Like any component of your vehicle, your auto AC needs repair in Hanford, CA to run properly. Taking your car in for service as soon as you notice problems will help you avoid costly repairs later on.

Here’s how to tell that your air conditioner is just about to give up:

  • It’s not as cool as it used to be: The most obvious sign that your air conditioner needs help is if it just doesn’t seem to cool the air as much (or at all). There could be a number of reasons for this, including clogged vents and filters, old refrigerant or even damaged cooling fans. The easiest way to take care of this is to take it in for service—your repair technician can diagnose and fix the problem for you.
  • It takes forever to cool down: Another sign that your air conditioner is suffering is if your car does cool down, but it takes a really long time to get there. This is often due to your refrigerant leaking, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. If you take your vehicle in for car air conditioner repair in Hanford, CA in as soon as you notice issues, you’ll be less likely to need extensive (and expensive) repairs.
  • There are water stains inside your car: We’ve all seen water and other fluids collect under the car, but if you notice water stains inside your car, there’s a big problem. This is often due to clogs in your car’s drains, causing water to back up and pool in the front leg room area and under the dash. Take your car in right away.
  • You hear weird noises: Strange noises are never a good sign, including when your air conditioner is the culprit. If you’re hearing weird noises when you turn your air conditioner on, it could be a damaged or worn-out component, or it could be debris caught in the machinery. Either way, taking it in for repair is the best way to make sure any damage doesn’t get worse.
  • Something smells bad: Finally, strange smells coming from your air conditioner isn’t just a problem with your air conditioner—it’s also a health hazard. Weird smells can mean that there’s mold growing in your air conditioner, which can be toxic, especially if you suffer from respiratory ailments. Take your car in as soon as possible.

With triple-digit temperatures regularly gracing the area, auto air conditioning repair in Hanford, CA isn’t a luxury—it’s practically a necessity. The sooner you take your car in to get it repaired, the sooner you’ll get back to riding around town without suffering from sweat, stuffy air and blazing surfaces. Call AAA Sandoval Transmissions to schedule your appointment.

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