Routine Vehicle Maintenance Tips

March 27, 2020

You rely on your car to get you from Point A to Point B whenever you need a ride, which is why you should keep up on routine vehicle maintenance tasks. When you need to get somewhere urgently, the last thing you need is to find out that you have a flat tire or a crucial belt snapped. Many of these auto maintenance tasks in Hanford, CA can be performed at home, but you can also leave it to the professionals at AAA Sandoval Transmissions.

Be sure to acquaint yourself with your vehicle’s owner’s manual—it can answer many of your maintenance questions and demonstrate how to perform the task. If you can’t find yours or don’t have one, you may be able to find it online.

Here’s a closer look at what needs to be regularly monitored on your vehicle:

  • Tires: Your tires need to be in good condition at all times, so make sure to check them at least once per month. Check your owner’s manual to discover the correct tire pressure, and add air as necessary—it’s best to do this when they’re cold. Look for bald spots as well as any debris or sharp objects that have lodged themselves in the tires.
  • Oil changes: Changing your oil filter and oil at the recommended interval helps ensure that your engine runs smoothly. The oil allows different parts to move against each other freely, but when the oil is old, it can be full of contaminants that scratch and damage the parts. Again, check your owner’s manual and your specific brand of oil for the recommended interval. No need to worry about whether to use synthetic or conventional oil—as long as you get the right viscosity and service requirements, your car will run.
  • Hoses and belts: Peek under the hood to check your engine’s hoses and belts. If you see cracks in the hoses or they’ve separated from the engine, they’ll need to be replaced. Check the timing belt for signs of missing chunks, cracking or glazing, and replace it if you see any evidence of damage.
  • Transmission, brake and other fluids: You should check your transmission, brake, windshield washer and coolant fluids to ensure they’re topped off and looking clean. Just like motor oil, fluids can accumulate dirt and debris over time, which damages the components. Replace any fluids that show evidence of age.
  • Battery terminals: When you’re under the hood, check the battery terminals for signs of corrosion—this can look like rust or like flaky white residue around the terminals.
  • Wiper blades: Anytime your wiper blades start screeching, squeaking or not doing their job, you should replace them.

Auto maintenance in Hanford, CA

AAA Sandoval Transmissions is a full-service auto repair shop. Our shop can handle everything from transmission repair to routine auto maintenance in Hanford, CA. All of our mechanics are ASE-certified, and we offer free estimates. Rely on us for skilled work at affordable prices—call us or stop by today to find out how we can help.

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