Transmission Service: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

February 24, 2021

Every vehicle component from the brakes to the AC is important in its own way. However, one could make the argument that the transmission is the most critical system of a vehicle. Without a properly functioning transmission, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Unfortunately, many of our customers don’t realize how critical the system is, so they put off transmission repair in Hanford, CA until it’s too late. Continue reading to learn why it’s so important to schedule transmission inspections and make repairs as soon as they’re needed:

  • Transmission issues get worse: A faulty transmission obviously won’t fix itself, but the problems will also worsen the longer you wait to make repairs. What starts as a loud whining noise will suddenly turn into your gears slipping or the vehicle not responding. Bringing your car in right away ensures you don’t have to deal with these headaches.
  • Problems spread: It’d be nice if a faulty transmission only affected the gears, clutch and other components of the system, but that’s not the case. Significant transmission issues also affect systems like the driveshaft and suspension. Again, acting fast when your transmission starts to fail prevents these issues.
  • Repairs get more expensive: The longer you wait to bring your vehicle to a transmission service in Hanford, CA, the more the mechanic will have to charge. The repair rates get more expensive because the work is more time-consuming and the cost of parts often gets higher. Bite the bullet and make repairs early to save yourself a bundle of cash.

Signs your transmission is going out

Knowing your transmission is about to go out isn’t a guessing game. These are a few of the many signs that it’s time to schedule transmission repair in Hanford, CA:

  • Check engine light: It’s easy to turn a blind eye towards a blinking or illuminated check engine light, but don’t ignore that light! Bring your car in right away for a professional diagnosis. Even if the problem isn’t with the transmission, there’s clearly something amiss.
  • Fluid leaks: Your transmission fluid is designed to keep everything well lubricated. When there’s a leak somewhere in the line, your car will drip a red liquid when it’s parked. Keep an eye out for a leak and head in for repairs right away.
  • No response: If you wait too long to make repairs, your transmission will up and quit on you. You can try putting your car into gear, but nothing is going to happen. Since your vehicle will be inoperable, you’ll need to call a tow truck to bring it to a transmission repair shop.

Prevent transmission problems with a checkup today

There’s no reason to chance it—bring your car to AAA Sandoval Transmission for a full inspection. As the most trusted transmission service in Hanford, CA, you can rest easy knowing we can catch possible transmission problems before they occur or make repairs before the issues get worse. Between 80 and 90 percent of transmission failures are due to a lack of service—give us a call today to schedule your checkup!

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