Four Signs Your Transmission Is Going Out

September 24, 2020

Let’s face it—there are many drivers out there who don’t have the first real clue about what’s going on under their car’s hood. They know the engine makes the car go, and that oil keeps everything lubricated, but that’s about it. And that’s understandable—the modern vehicle is extremely complicated and made up of numerous interlocking systems. Fortunately, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of your car to be able to recognize the warning signs of trouble.

Let’s start with one of the most crucial parts of any vehicle: the transmission. The transmission’s job is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. It takes the force of your pedal push and translates that power to wheel movement. As you can imagine, when the transmission breaks down, bad things are soon to follow. Here are some of the indications that your vehicle requires transmission repair in Hanford, CA.

Rough gear changes

Even if you have an automatic transmission, your engine functions by amping up the vehicle’s velocity through a series of gear changes. When your vehicle struggles to shift up or down while in motion, or if you notice a grinding noise as you move from one gear to another, it could mean your transmission requires attention.

Another sign of transmission problems in Hanford, CA is your car’s gears slipping up and down without provocation. Not only is this situation bad for your vehicle, but it’s also extremely dangerous.

Strange noises in neutral

If you notice that your car is making strange noises when you put it in neutral, it could mean your transmission needs an infusion of fresh transmission fluid. Be sure to seek out transmission repair in Hanford, CA as soon as possible to ensure you don’t end up paying a much higher maintenance fee.

Fluid leaks

As you can imagine, there are several different fluids that can leak from your vehicle and onto the ground. If you spot a puddle of red, sweet-smelling fluid pooling under your vehicle, it could mean you’ve got a hole somewhere in your transmission.

A burning smell

When your transmission fails to regulate its heat, or the transmission fluid gets too old, it runs the risk of overheating and potentially setting your engine on fire. Hopefully, this one goes without saying, but if you notice a burning smell coming from your engine, you should immediately drive to a qualified mechanic.

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